Who, what and where is Building Future Communities?

Building Future Communities” was founded not just to bring past experiences from within various sectors of the Building, Cable, Construction, Data, Hospitality, Insurance, Marketing, Media and Telecommunications, but from an Analyst, C-Suite, Cold Calling, Corporate Management, Customer Service, Debt Collection, Marketing, Management and Sales perspective.

The main reason for this, was that today’s ethos is all about about “the now and how” to move you personally or your business forward to get more Sales but to make you actually think, plan and strategise – hence why we could see how Data and Privacy (whilst it’s something we all value) didn’t seem to be valued the same emerging/emergence of the Information Technology Companies of the 1990’s and onwards (and the same can also be said of today too!).

These companies that have developed all this Technology to (supposedly) benefit and improve our lives and the way we work, are doing this at the OUR expense by using our Data to share with other companies and in turn by monetising our Data Commodity without any value/regard/respect to our Data.

But what does this mean to us the Future?

The changes that emerging technology can offer is so beneficial and can really make a huge difference to Society but at what expense for our generation? The next generation? The generation after that? And so on and so on………

And that’s the reason behind Building Future Communities……

To help you starting preparing now for the future but also make you think and understand what is this going to mean to you, your colleagues, your family, your children, your grandchildren and generations beyond….

Let us help you to bring the Future of Work into your present days of working NOW…..