Energy – The future of it…..

Whether you think Climate Change is real or not, we need to look at this in a much a larger picture.

Again, whether you agree or not with the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the question is, is it all talk and can it ever make a difference?

In our opinion, the answers to the above are Yes and No respectively and yet we are not doing anything to make a difference.

The main reasons is that we are always looking after today and never wanting to focus on the future whilst complaining about the damage we have done in the past.

Therefore, we have World Leaders, Business Leaders and Celebrities who all they do is talk and never really deliver. The opportunities to solve so many of the issues that have been created around the world is due to our own greed and failing to use simple solutions to be introduced into the third world as a development platform/test-bed before reintroducing it into the Western World.

As afterall, do we need so many people sitting there with £50,000,000 £100,000,000 or £1,000,000,000 sat in the bank whilst so many people across the world are ill and poor?

This wealth creation is negative in so many ways, as for example, these people have children who never work really and inherit the money and become arrogant and out of touch with reality, hence creating more envy/anger than actually doing any good.

Plus the greed of people around these people to drive up costs and in turn persuade these people that having £50,000,000-£200,000,000 house that they hardly live in? Again, do people really need two, three, four of more houses in a country or across many countries in which they probably only spend a week to few weeks in each one a year?

It’s things like the distribution of wealth fairly that we need to start addressing today to solve the issues of tomorrow. (This is discussed separately over here)

But why do we say this?

Simple fact is that we have invested in our own survival and greed to make money now as opposed to thinking about what impact this will have on our Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren, whilst we are ignoring future Generations and their survival….

Across these pages will be looking at how we can make a huge difference today – this is nothing new – with the facilities that have been around for years but we have ignored for the sake of profits over actually helping the end user in the long run.

As afterall, why would a company produce, implement or provide something which eats in to their profits as opposed to providing the end-user/purchaser paying the minimum or not having at all……

Whilst some of the topics will over lap, effectively they are different but do produce a common theme that we need to deliver for our Future Communities. So please take a look at:-




And then you will understand our so many are more focused on making money, becoming powerful and influential over actually delivering something that gives back to our Future Generations and Future Communities.

If you have any thoughts on how we should be making a difference today, please feel free to give us your feedback below:-