Building Future Communities is all about delivering inclusion and collaborative working and to make sure this is delivered to your region over eleven months of the year.

Our aim is to deliver ten events covering:-


Artificial IntelligenceFirst Tuesday of the month

Leadership First Wednesday of the month

Blockchain – First Thursday of the month


Cyber Security Second Tuesday of the month

FinTech – Second Thursday of the month


HealthTech – Third Tuesday of the month

Industry 4.0Third Thursday of the month


Reality – Fourth Tuesday of the month

STEM Fourth Wednesday of the month

Smart City Fourth Thursday of the month


These will take place from mid January through to Mid December each year, meaning that you’ll be able to book in to attend an event/events that apply to the area you are interested in, you work in or operate in.

If you have any questions on these events, if you’d looking to speak, become one of the event sponsors, please complete the form below:-

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