So what is STEM for those of you that don’t know already…….well, it is….

S – Science 

T – Technology

E – Engineering

M – Mathematics

The main drive is that too often schoolgirls aren’t looking at the above subjects as subjects to study at school, college and university which means that the percentage of women entering the areas of STEM careers is small and this needs to change.

With these STEM events, we aim to bring women to not only hear what these careers can offer but also hear from women who are working in these areas and how rewarding and interesting they have found it plus hear what made made them choose STEM as a career.

These events are aimed to be hosted on the third Wednesday night of the month with events on Saturdays and for schools during the term time as agreed with each school individually.

Each event comprises talks from members or guest speakers. Also, the event will cover a Q&A session based on the Speakers talk, latest news and most importantly discussing both the positives and negatives raised from the latest news and the night’s talk.


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