Project 2022/10/07

Following rumours about what was happening with Bedworth’s Civic Hall, once again we were approached about The Civic Hall just like we had been over the past 6 years.

Unlike previous approaches and discussions where Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council had been unreceptive and dismissive, this time they were announcing that the venue would be closing permanently, following the Local Health Authority relocating to an alternative venue within Bedworth Town Centre to continue CoVID vaccinations.

So where we had on each of the previous occasions, only around 10-15% chance of getting past initial discussions, this time, we had a 50/50 chance to great to the next stage due to the Council saying they were opening up the debate as to whether it should re-open or not via three different options:-

  • Local Community Groups
  • A Business Group
  • Knocked down and replaced

Whilst the above is the quick/simple summary of what they were offering, it gives us an opportunity to work with Local Groups to preserve an asset that in it’s current form, has been around for circa 40 odd years.

The approaches we received were from Individuals either representing or from within:-

  • Charity Organisations
  • Council Departments
  • Education Groups/Organisations
  • Government Funded Organisations
  • Local Businesses
  • Local Community Groups
  • Local Individuals
  • Local Political Individuals/Groups
  • Event Companies
  • Media Companies
  • Music Groups
  • Regional Businesses

Thus, Project 2022/10/07 was born and the next few pages will detail what will be happening between now and 12th of January 2023 when this initial round closes…

To more about what and is this project, click this link Project 2022/10/07

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