STEM – what is your goal?

The issue facing us all in the future is how we will survive with the advance of machines and technology?

Is there going to be a time when machines take over and replace us all?

Well the above points are comments/statements that keep being spoken about especially when it comes to how machines could be taking over but if you sit back and think about it, how would machines reach a point to take over?

After all, for machines to take over, they would to be using things like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Mining, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Neural Networks to make the technology work to power the machines – think of this as the programmes to make the things work.

But how does any of the above work any way?

These have only developed and worked due to the initial starting point from a human being.

Take for example computers and the internet, it’s said that if hadn’t being for Alan Turing solving the Enigma Codes, World War II would have lasted for another two years minimum and cost a further 14,000,000 lives and possibly Great Britain could have lost the war to Germany. And if it had not been for Alan’s work in Hut 8, the Turing Machine wouldn’t have being one of the key parts of today’s modern computer.

And then because of Alan’s work, it could be said that Tim Berners-Lee would not have created the World Wide Web or as we call it today, The Internet.

Both Alan’s and Tim Berners-Lee’s work over the last 75 years have founded today’s age of Technology and the key important thing is that they are two British People!

With all the talk about how every is now technology driven and that everything is from the US (or even some would say South Korea or China), Great Britain still offers so much in many areas, we are still seen as leading lights – but we can do so much better.

That is why, as part of the Building Future Communities initiative, our Goal is that we are wanting to bridge the gap between Education and the Workplace by using Technology as the Bridge in between.

But to make sure we have the right technology, we need to make sure we have the right skills too. Therefore, to make Technology really work, we need to embrace four key elements and these are what makes SMETScience Math Engineering Technology – or as now now today, STEM:-

S – Science 

T – Technology

E – Engineering

M – Mathematics

So our main Goal is make sure we can bring leading people into the education arena to be part of the Building Future Communities initiative, to help school children understand why learning STEM at School, College, University or through an Apprenticeship, is a key part of their future and a career for them.

Whether through workshops, talks and video interviews, we are wanting to help schoolchildren understand why STEM is so important.

As after all, machines need to built, fixed and replaced don’t they?

Or do they?

Can machines build, fix and replace themselves??


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