Why Choose STEM as a Career?

Choosing what we want to do as a career is a really difficult choice as an adult as we have our qualifications that we studied for or you may have a lack of qualifications due to struggling at school and not being able to go to college or university due to not having the required entry requirements.

OR, even we do have qualifications from school, college or university, maybe these don’t help us choose the job we really want as they don’t match the qualifications as defined by what our prospective employer requires.

So, how can you have a foundation stone or two that will at least give you the opportunity to show a prospective employer that you could be the person they are looking for?

Well as we see it, there are two ways, which are:-

a) As you will see through our Events Pages section here, we are going to be offering ten subjects a month, that whether you are studying (irrespective of age), unemployed, employed or working in one the ten subject areas, you can come along and mix with like minded people. These events will help you to learn more on that subject, share your knowledge, share an idea and ask for help with it or, see if you can gain help/assistance to get or career in that subject


b) If you are studying, and wondering what subjects you need to study to help you get the career you desire, we will be offering workshops to show how STEM is going a key part of career you choose when you leave your school, college or university.

Which ever of the two sections above you fall into, how key is STEM going to be in the workforce of the future?

Whether it is next year, year after, five years ahead, 10 years ahead or longer, the reason for making sure that STEM is something you are focusing on is key whether you want to accept it or not. Without realising, just using your smartphone, tablet or your utilities (due to smart meters being introduced to all homes), is using STEM but are you really understanding it or why you need to understand it.

To help you navigate how you choose what career is right for you or what you need to be studying to choose that career, we have being able to get leading industry experts and business leaders to take part in a video interview with us.

This interview is where they give us an insight into their education, where they see they were let down/could have done better and how education is going to change over the next ten years or more. Also, we ask them how they see the workplace in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years ahead and what subjects you need to be studying or should have studied to make your ready for the workplace of tomorrow.

Once these videos have been recorded, they will be placed on our YouTube Channel here, but to help you choose which to watch much easier, the videos are listed in the STEM Video library here.